Our Story

What Started it all:

Before Nodical Games, the indie company was called Jigosystems, founded by Joseph Lee in 2009. It started when he wanted to work on games for his friends and let them play together. From there, Jigosystems was born and made the slogan "We bring game ideas to life". From 2009-2012, that logo stayed the same until he changed it to "We bring YOUR ideas to life" for it's 3rd year anniversary. The company released 3 games by 2015.

The Current Progress:

In 2016, Jigosystems became Nodical Games and has pushed forward in following the same path as Jigosystems, but with a new name and a new face. Shortly after, Nodical Games announced Project FTM which took the original elements that Jigosystems was working on, and built an entire plot with gameplay that we know the fans will enjoy.

The Future:

It has been a long 8 years, and we hope that you enjoy the games we release and continue to support. Without fans, Nodical Games wouldn't be where it was today. It would still be an idea in Joseph's head that might of been lost.

~The Development Team